Kundalini Yoga


Our inner world is the richness of our soil. This soil holds the potential for awakening the sensual, passionate life force energy, Shakti; presenting herself in our bodies and lives as creativity, vitality, sensuality, and manifesting power.

Once Shakti is alive and awakened to a higher state, she merges with Shiva and we experience the bliss of the ultimate union in ourselves. This is pure lovemaking.

We usually reach out to others to experience this spiritual love. If we are lucky, we find sensual and conscious souls that also yearn for this connection. But often, even with these people, we find that they are not available to us as much as we want to. This creates pain of separation. 

When the pain of separation is experienced enough, one understands self love as their true essence.

Kundalini Yoga uses breathing, sound, meditation and sacred movement techniques to awaken the body’s subtle sensitivity, activating Shakti energy and flowing it along the spine. Through the experience of sacred union of body and soul, in the conscious space being held by the mind, one receives the sweet awareness of their authentic being as God/Goddess, and deeply embed this in their psyche.

Since years, my main focus has been on mastering and teaching one of Kundalini Yoga’s main flows originally taught by Guru Rattana. This flow, when practiced in a Yin and meditative state, includes all the necessary elements to create your daily magic, in your own space, whenever you need. My biggest aim and wish is to inspire you to create your own personal practice, which I know is the only way you can experience yoga on physical, soul and energetic levels.

This technology which is taught to the world by Yogi Bhajan is safe for everyone and open for all levels.