Healing Through Connections


The first step in finding a basic sense of safety is to discover our connectedness with others. As we begin to trust the reality of belonging, the fear loosens its grip.” Tara Brach

I was surprised to learn that Tantra is not actually all about sexuality but also about communication. These are the two pillars of a fulfilling relationship. In our energy body, the first & second chakras (Sexual) are connected with the fifth chakra (throat/speaking/listening). As I started to work with the womb and feminine soul essence, my inner connection rooted in a deeper truth and I feel more freedom and authenticity in my expression.

Communication can be between people, between you and your soul, or you and a higher power. All these three are equally important in finding safety and peace in our lives.

In communication with people, once we reach out and seek help by expressing how we feel, we receive understanding, love, support, and wisdom. This sangat (community) feeling helps us go through loneliness and pain in our soul. It is possible to reach out and expand this community through personal interests, travelling, even social media. I realise that as the world gets polarised by war and destruction, it is now easier to spot and reach out to your kind of people. While travelling, choosing environment friendly destinations, hostels, boutique hotels, conscious restaurants, yoga schools, nature activities, or simply living life as a soulful and conscious human being brings you together with a lot of others like you. Once you open yourself to the possibility that you are not alone, you start to see the love and support surrounding you by fellow human beings. 

I am so grateful for being held by a great community here in Chiang Mai; people awakened and touched by love, awakening and touching others. I will forever keep these experiences deep in my heart and be grateful for receiving this much love from newly met souls. Rooted in the feeling of belonging, I can now further reach out and touch others.

So on this Christmas day, let us;

Seek refuge in others,
Rest our vulnerability in their presence;
Embrace with compassion, acceptance,
And vibrate love as our only essence.

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